Pandemic and MBTI

Let’s wing it says Boris an ENTP (probably), let’s keep everything open, let’s make up an inordinately complex set of shifting sands regulations. We have got to beat this little bugger and keep our bally Christmas. We must have our cake and eat it. All hail the silver bullet vaccine which in one fell swoop will be our saviour. Let’s avoid making any decisions until the very last moment. Never mind the detail just look at the slope. People don’t like being locked up, they can’t chat to their mates, so let’s reopen early.

Each New Thought Propels….

This is a classic example of “P” type decision making. Here I use decision making in a tongue in cheek way.

Those countries who have made hard early decisions have been much more successful in controlling the spread of the virus. Decide early, go in hard and get control.  “J” type decision making. Vacillate, try to wing it and please people. Unneeded death.

Viewed from here the UK looks chaotic, mis-managed and badly messaged. We are glad to be here, it seems much more sane, more realistic, less idealistic and imaginary. People have hankered down.

P is for planning, present participle, not making things up on the fly.