I am feeling more than a little sad, now. Sat here in the middle of a global pandemic and people are still up to their old shenanigans, power politics, covering up and doing a “Pritti”.  Do people really think that saying “sorry” has any meaning, that it somehow makes up especially if the sincerity is dubious.

I have revisited the 2014 events, the blogs and the subsequent “cover up”. Sorry I meant to say fully transparent inquiry with 360 degree feedback. A bullying culture was implicated in a suicide and the person who said that they were going to change things has just been found “guilty” of, guess what? 

Plus ca change plus ca reste la meme chose.

There are two things that I could do. The reporter happens to be from a neck of the woods I used to live in. They will understand the posse, of that ‘hood.

The dude from another university is still blogging. The page referring to the incidecnt in 2014 has had some more entries in 2020….There is a comment form. In any case I have is email from before.

They can’t sack me. They can’t ruin my career. They can’t send the boys round until France opens its border with the UK.

The people with whom I used to be assocaited are big cheeses at the heart(sic) of UK science..How very dissapointing this whole thing is.

Is it any of my business though?

Can I be arsed to be tainted by interacting with them?

I don’t know..

It is sad, sad, sad..

No honour!

20 is the light jewel “honour”.  Minus twenty plus minus twenty reduces to -4 inertia and death. 2020 has been a minus 4 year.

Be careful what you wish for UK…you might just get it sovereignty  and isolation..

Trump wanted to put America first and sure enough they are top of the table..