Is the Pandemic A Precursor?

If you look at the post previous it suggests that the flood which destroyed Atlantis was necessary because the world had gotten so messed up, by people. Whether of not you believe in Atlantis, there is a narrative which parallels our modern day. Climate change could indeed cause increased flooding and numerous ecological disasters.  There are schools of thought which suggest that viruses hop species at an increased rate due to deforestation etc..

Maybe there is a need for increased dis-incarnation for humanity to finally take stock of how it lives. There is vast over consumption. And now people are moaning because they cannot party, go on holiday, and gorge themselves over Christmas. It is not fair, mummy. There is a small but distinct possibility that there will be real conflict over fish in the North Sea. The world is looking pretty fucked up right now. {Word has just suggested that this language may be offensive to my reader}.

If I were the planet, I would be getting pretty pissed off with humanity right now. What can I do to get this infestation off my back?  Maybe if I made a virus it would stop them all flying everywhere dumping chemicals in the atmosphere. How can I stop them putting microplastics in my lovely seas?

What are they going to do next? Gouge deep into my body for Lithium so they can have their electric cars, mobile phones and laptops.

This infestation is resourceful. Just after I make a virus, they find a vaccine.

I am wondering if the planet will really give us something to moan about.

Is the Pandemic A Precursor?