Christmas “Haiku”

Written 23-12-2012, pre-covid, after a trip from our cottage in the countryside to do some Christmas shopping in town…

angry mother with bags

snaps at her child

Joy to the world!


car park queues

tempers at the ticket machine

Peace on Earth!


old Checkout ladies

looking stressed and tired.

a wink and a flirt brings, smiles


man on a phone

asking wife of her clothes size

no sensible reply


eyes roll upwards

he takes out a pack

lights a cigarette and, exhales


frenzy at the tills

the sharks all circle

a dying whale, who blubbers


a stranger gives to me

a gift from nowhere

more rice in a bowl


running from the madness

beware the police

speed cameras always watch


turning into the lanes

all water and mud

leafy debris, oils a passing


silent peaceful roads,

bare hedgerows

and six rooks sing in a tree!


a glass of wine

a pint of beer

the log fire whistles a little, tunefully


the asylum seems

so madly distant now

a salve of silence, soothes


now only to fill the manger

with a jerked turkey

wearing Scotch bonnets


no bitter Myrrh

for spicy chilli clears all

some warmth in winter


the Atlantic frantic,

feeding frenzy,

breaks upon distant rocks


peace on Earth!

joy to the world!

a warm silence seeps into my veins