The Worry Monster and Friends


Can you feel it

standing just behind you

whispering in your ears?

Quick, take a look!!


Nothing there or was there?

softly she sneaks up again

Pssst… Pssssst….Pssst

over here…


Have you thought about…..

What if…??

You will lose your friends…

There is no money….


Around here everyone has one

a Worry Monster

it is a parasite we all carry

only clarity keeps the population down


I can see yours right now!!

He’s Behind You!!!

He is very big and masterful

and he feeds on you


She is attached direct your brain

and tastes sweat on your palms

Yumm, she likes that

your mother gave her you


Her little present

she passed the infection on

along her apron strings

her umbilicus


Sometimes they get so big

they leave their host

going viral infecting others

until the home Worry Monster

sees them off in a turf war


The Worry Monster Posse

when they get together rules the ‘hood

straight outta fear town

ain’t no messin’ wit that gang


Cross town there is the

Guilty Secret Gang,

the What’ll They Think Boys,

And the If Only Bro’s


The Worry Monster is Don

and they all pay him protection

just in case he turns on them…

better pay than Worry