Dharma of the Day #27 {gossip}

gossip is a poison

more deadly than,

the juice of a thousand cobras


the host and carrier

of such a deadly virus

spreads only, contagion


the oft salacious ear

of a willing listener

is a fertile breeding ground


the glamour of being

“in the club”, a member,

who knows secrets


perverts both the

whisperer and the

hungry recipient


seeking always faults in others

when you are not perfect,

is the epitome of avoidance


an end of empire decadence

when boredom finds work

for idle, lazy, minds


look back on your life

is gossip not

the destroyer of good?


and unless you are

already an Angel

can you say, no not me!


how about now

are you a spreader of contagion,

or already saint?


examine yourself close

what does the world

reflect in the mirror?


what does it reflect

right here, right now,

in this, moment?