Thoroughly Justified

I really do not like the word justified or justifications for that matter. It is a means by which humans argue for actions that range from mildly unpleasant right up to the heinous. It is a little trick of human mind to say things like “she was asking for it” or “they deserve to die”. Justification lies aback the justice system and has roots in the Abrahamic an eye for an eye. Justice must be served; someone must get punished for justice to be served. It is a bit primitive don’t you think? Is justice a master? Is it a phenomenon of the universe? Or is it simply something made up in man’s minds? A method of explaining why you can burn someone at the stake if they don’t believe in the same notion of God that you have and profess.

In our exams we are asked to justify our answers. Things can be justified by precedent. Justification is a trick of the mind that humans use to first of all allow behaviours and then attempt to mentally mitigate that which they have done. Forget not that people have “justified” genocide. And the icing on the cake of that is “I was only following orders”.

To my eye karma does not buy justifications, it does not swallow them hook line and sinker, nor does it collude in justifications with others. Herd justification can be very nasty especially when a ravenous pack of near rabid dogs turn on a single individual.  The “different to us” justification is unpleasant; “let’s beat him up because he is gay” or “let’s chemically castrate him because he likes a bit of cock”. “I know it is alright now because his picture is on our currency”. It has gotten pretty bad. The WOKE police are out in force carrying batons now.

People can seemingly justify all sorts of stuff to themselves…after all it was / is thoroughly justified.

People can go round and round and round, in what I call the justifications loop. They can get stuck there and of course feel thoroughly justified in staying stuck. It can be painful to observe this from outside the loop.



We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein