Mutant Bee Dream 29-12-20

I had a very restless night constantly waking and turning until around 5:30AM when I fell asleep and had this dream.

I am visiting a laboratory setting and there are people there in white lab coats. They are showing me around the lab where they are working on altering the genomics of bees. I am being shown around by a young female postdoc. with flowing ginger hair and a younger dark-haired male student. In another part of the lab someone knocks over a glass jar containing a genetically modified swarm of bees. These spread around the lab and there is much effort to swat and kill them. The post doc and I are stung by the bees. Instantaneously she becomes hundreds of little, tiny bees each of which have her face and hair. When someone swats one these bees, they kill one and it morphs into two carbon copy female adult woman of her as a young adult. The woman bee clones head out of the window, in a swarm. The younger dark haired male swats some more bees which do not change. In the process both he and I are splashed with a little bee blood. We are both concerned about this, so I suggest we use the emergency lab showers. As it happens the ones in the lab are not working so we have to go to the wash house. On the way there the young man morphs into a swam of bees with his face.  I get into the shower fully clothed and wash off the small amounts of bee blood.

A major bio-security incident has happened in which more bees and human-bees have been released from the lab. It is known that I have been stung by the bees and people think that I am contagious. So, I am locked away, isolated. It is decided that some more bees should be let into my room to see what happens. I am again stung but nothing happens. Whatever mutation they carry has no impact on me. I am immune. This causes even more suspicion.

Groups of people gather to discuss what to do against the mutant bee, bee-human outbreak. People argue against me being involved. Others still say that I should be involved as it apparently safe for me to interact with them. In the meantime, the number of human-bee creatures increases, they can be seen in murmuration like starlings. An old colleague A comes into the lab. She is looking down and out. I put my arm around her waist and start joking and teasing. Gradually she comes back to life and starts to smile. I know people are discussing what to do about the mutant bees and the human faced bees.

I wake up and think, “wow that was a little freaky”.