Being Investigated Dream 31-12-20

I had a much better sleep last night after some hard labour in the garden.

I am having a discussion with my sister, which turns into an argument. She is convinced that she will win the argument and completely unwilling to accept that I will disappear and walk away. The argument gets more heated and I walk out into some fields. I disappear.

I am then in a test plane vehicle which is high technology, and it is being used to measure the effect of air viscosity, and gravity on velocity. I fly it up high into the atmosphere and as it crosses bands of gas of differing viscosity its trajectory alters. It reaches maximum height and turns. It then plummets to earth and towards the sea. It reaches terminal velocity, and I am unconcerned.

I awake in a hospital bed. Apparently, the test mission has been a success. I am well.

Later I meet a young version of my old landlord J. He asks me how come I was on the test mission. I tell him that I do not recollect how. We search the internet for a picture of the test vehicle, we can’t find one, but he knows the kind of thing I am talking about. He is quite adept at using a touch screen computer, something which I am not.

He tells me that people have been asking after me and that they have also contacted my sister (who works in the nuclear sector) to inquire after me. J thinks that people are investigating me. He thinks they are doing a deep background check on me. He is curious as to why.

I awake and have a very strong visual image of two of my former colleagues.