Is Coronavirus an Agent of Karma?

A thing which is not actually living, and which is smaller than a human hair width by a factor of around one hundred is going “viral”. {We probably should not have invented this phrase.} It is propagating around the world like the latest trend or meme. Those countries in which it has not been respected have faired worse. It is infecting our computers (minds), there is no Norton or McAfee to keep it at bay. It a malware eating at our files.

People who have pooh-poohed have got a dose. Sir Boris The Most Decisive of Clarity City ended up at the O2 stadium so to speak. Orange man has been ousted by some tiny electrostatic time bomb bag of RNA and his unwillingness to listen to anyone other than his bigly genius hunches. Yup he did put America first and they are number one in the charts, he made ‘em great. Right now, several countries are movers and climbers, the UK will soon knock France of its current spot in the charts and become a top five hit, pop pickers.

People will kill their relatives because they want that Thanksgiving dinner and can’t go cold turkey on Xmas.

Like a teenage turtle it is starting to mutate into a ninja virus. But we must keep schools open even if it kills us all. Like van Helsing we now have our stakes, crosses, our precious phials of Holy Water {thanks to pharma}, with our medicinal garlic to keep the little bugger at bay. People keep going on about normal, forgetting the fact that elements of the economy will no longer exist. Right now, ‘tis winter and the virus is in the Northern Hemisphere, in a few months’ time it will head South. If it goes green, we will have SARS-Ninja-CoV-3. Sometimes art imitates life or predicts it.


It is really dangerous to get overconfident that the vaccine will cure the pandemic, because karma likes quirks of fate. Get all self-important, that karmic boomerang will be back quicker than a Terminator, hasta la vista baby.

The virus is getting many to “kneel”, which sounds a lot like karma to me. If we continue to mess up the planet it might well “retaliate” by manufacturing more surprises for us.

I think that this virus is an agent of karma, in that it does demonstrate quite well cause and effect. Procrastination causes death, will full behaviour causes infection. Sometimes karma teaches us by pain to ourselves, sometimes it takes away that which we love, but karma does eventually teach even the deniers.

We could learn or we could continue to imagine ourselves Masters of the Universe, Sovereign Lords over the most Beautiful Blue Planet full of tears (sic). Maybe we should listen to what the planet is trying to tell us…