Books Are the Stepping Stones of Journeys

I often think that books are the stepping stones to our journeys.

Don Juan and Genaro have a lot to answer for, I first read this in 1983 as an undergrad.

My bible for a number of years, written by my Ph.D. examiner.

I read this in New Mills whilst I was busy teaching myself nonlinear optics. It led me to read the non science works of many other famous scientists.

This book helped me to understand that I am a little weird. I can still look at birds like this dude.

This is evocative of my roots and looking out of the window over the Rhondda.

Dan, thanks man, this helped a great deal.

These two are gifts from students, imagine talking about Ain Soph Aur and the meaning of the sound of the syllables of Allah, blessed be his name, in a science department.

When I met Hesse and van der Post, I encountered writers whose scope was vast and I really could tune into their wavelength. These guys spoke to the very core of me.

This book, one of a series, changed the entire trajectory of my being.

Never a drop of rain on Arrakis.

This was the key to opening my heart.

Perhaps the most profound yet condensed book I have ever read.

Simple, magic and so sublime.

I have this printed on a T-shirt!