Sometimes, if we are prone to internal dialogue or feel guilty about something, we may have trouble going off to sleep.


When the pillow-monster


And the dream-walker



What heinous phantasm this

which walks the stairwells

and corridors of my slumber?


‘tis but thy conscience sire

though near mortal wounded, he.


Must he limp, my chamber

each and every night?


No sire.

He hates to see you lonesome

and would comfort thee.

He knows your yearning deep.


Magician, rid me of this

noisome pest!!


Sire, so great my powers

are they not.

To kill the dream-walker

would be your very end.

He takes your hand

the final ball, unto.


Give me opium

for him to banish!

Give me wine

in which to drown!


Nay sire, ‘twill not work

must him again

to trust

and welcome,

that gash in him to heal.


My nightly terror would then begone?


Aye sire.

Dream-walkers speak oft

most gentle whispers

to welcome ears.



slay this sayer of sooth,

this man of bilious tooth!


Sire, be wise

for not one but two


will visit hence,

‘tis my promise, true.


When the pillow-monster


And the dream-walker