“Haiku” of Birds

less than ten feet away

the blackbird gathers

the twigs unhurried


tiny house sparrow,

puffs up his chest

and sings triumphant


the collared dove

feels not a chain

and coos rhythmically


green woodpeckers

smack their heads

until their eyes see spots


the buzzard soars

harried by crows

crying out injustice


a carrion crow

caws out a destiny

while the jackdaw laughs


the blue jay flashes

a royal blue flag

leaving a memento


the rook leaves

his castle at knight

a stark soliloquy


the raven laughs

at human folly

up on vulture peak


a tawny owl

chills the blood

always at midnight


the red kite soars

whispering the angst

of an inner vision


a sparrow hawk

faster than lightning,

swoops electric


a golden eagle

sweeps the sky

cleansing the way


and the robin

calls upon the sun

for to make dawn