Karma and Convenience

The first thing to say about Karma and the workings of Karma, is that the subject is truly vast and the permutations are close to infinite. This does not mean that one cannot make some pretty good generalisations. By and large most people are unaware of the forces of Karma in play during their incarnations. Caught up in the hubris they just see situations they like and situations which they do not. For most people the world is “unfair” and they feel victimized by it, so they appear to suffer. There are very few who do not like a good old moan. Some believe in luck or something equally superstitious. This comes in two flavours, good luck and bad luck.

Perhaps a more helpful way of beginning to think about Karma is to consider Karma to be a teacher. For it is by cause that we effect our lessons in life. By effect I mean draw out; from the root e out, into material reality , I make, facio. Caught up in bemoaning life, few accept that it is what they make it of and, of it.

Each birth brings with it something of a study programme, a Karmic textbook with which we are born, which can be called a fate. That text book has a broad lesson plan, some intended learning outcomes and is by way of a life long course in experiential learning. In other words there are some lessons you need to learn in a given life so that your learning journey towards your destiny can continue. Here the emphasis on need is entirely deliberate and is in contradistinction to want or like.

If you do not learn these lessons you will be stuck, perhaps for many lifetimes, until such time as you do learn them! You need and you must learn these lessons, sooner or later. If you try to put off these lessons you are made to experience increasing levels of discomfort until such time as you knuckle down and get on with your learning.

It is accurate to say that;

Karmic learning is rarely if ever, convenient.

This is the way in which Karma has set it up. It is only through some inconvenience or other, that lessons are learned. There has to be effort in order for learning to occur. True learning simply cannot be found on the shelves down at the supermarket of life.

If this were possible we would all already be enlightened beings, which obviously, we are not!

The quality and degree of Karmic learning is in direct proportion to the level of inconvenience. The more inconvenient the lesson, the greater the learning is or will become.

This means that the vast majority of humanity go out of their way to avoid Karmic learning as if it were the plague, rather than the key to the doors towards liberation.

You cannot have liberation whilst there is still Karmic learning to be done. It is not possible.

An intelligent being therefore seeks out Karmic learning as if his life depends upon it. This is because it does. If you still have learning to be done, you will be reborn!

There are no short cuts. Karmic learning will eventually take place whether you like it or not! The longer you try to delay it, the harsher the lessons become.

Therefore inconvenience is by way of a marker for the possibility of Karmic learning. Seeking out such inconvenience can sometimes, though not always, point you in the direction of learning. Under such circumstances and with the correct attitude towards learning, one can cooperate with , rather than frustrate, a fate for a given lifetime.

I say given because life can be veiwed as an opportunity for evolution or a curse. One of these views is constructive the other points towards misery and having the hump at life. Life if viewed as a gift is much the easier of living. Lessons approached willingly rather than sulkily, are all the more palatable.

If you cannot be bothered to be inconvenienced, you will not learn.

Your karmic lessons will remain unlearned, they will not go away. Their inevitability remains unaltered. It is not a question of if, rather when and in which manner. Petulance is not a travel companion which makes for a pleasant journey.

The choice of attitude is up to each individual.

What is your attitude towards learning?