Karma Has Surprises

Life can have many twists and turns. It can be heading along nicely in one direction and then, all of a sudden, the wind changes and an entirely new course presents itself. If you are stubborn you can try to steer back to the old course with your hand firm on the tiller and your knuckles white with determination. This is because Karma and fate have surprises. Many of these surprises are linked to the concept of impermanence. People devote a great deal of time to the contruction of some edifice or other and then the universe says;

“Sorry, that grand edifice is impermanent!”

This can cause all sorts of consternation for people and they will go to tremendous lengths to prop up an edifice which deep down, they know, has kind of expired. Group mind is very attached to edifices and strives with an often blinkered determination towards the preservation of these. That great and often malevolent God Tradition, is causal of a great deal of suffering. Heinous acts are done in His name and justified by His dogma and mantra.


Karma is a pretty good card player. Just when you think that you have the “winning hand” it produces a wild card. A single card can change the entire course of the game of life.

In the Karma textbook there are aproximately four levels of lessons. We might call these;
1) Rudimentary, 2) Medium, 3) Advanced and 4) Culminating. Each of these has Karmic surprises. A little forethought at the level of Rudimentary Karma can predict the Karmic Effect of Causal action; if you are dishonest then the world will mirror your dishonesty to you. As one progresses what increases is both the subtlety and the impact of Karmic surprises.

When one gets to the level Culminating Karma, these surprises have had lifetimes of germination and, unless one has accurate past life recall, these surprises are highly unexpected. They present out of nowhere with a most pressing urgency. This is because they are Culminating lessons.

If they are not addressed there and then, the fate of a given lifetime is frustrated. The being is then not only stuck but also put back a notch or two upon the ladder of evolution. A similar Karmic opportunity will not present again for a number of lifetimes. The impact to the Web of Life in not facing Culminating Karma is huge, to understate.

Any surprises should be treated with a great deal of respect, for inherent in such “surprises” is often a great gift. As mentioned previously inconvenience is related to the degree of possible learning. Inconvenient surprises therefore represent true gold mines for learning. Most definitely they should not be swept under the carpet and justified away.

Have I ever had a Karmic surprise? Am I experiencing one right now?