Some kind of scandal cont.

It is very strange to keep getting this subjective breakthrough. There is no way that I can measure or test the reality or otherwise.

It may be that this blog is being “monitored” somehow by the people in the breakthrough. Knowing them a little, or at least how they were when I did, I would not put it past them.  That is kind of sad and could be seen as bullying behaviour, though I doubt that they would see it as such. When loads of people “gang up” to monitor a single individual, what is that? Justifiable suppression, self-interest, protection, rubber necking? I don’t know. You tell me.

Bizarre, it is almost as if they are in the same room as me.

Several of these people are quite old, others my age.

I have numerous pet theories.

One of these is to do with Karma. The UK once had an empire, it “ruled” the waves. The karma of empire is dissolution. History shows all empires eventually fail and to an extent dissolve. Rome ended up with warring city states. There is a distinct possibility that the Westminster English elite are heading towards the untied kingdom, they just don’t get it. That entitled behaviour is not attractive. All that BS and over promising is patronising and misleading. That Imperial attitude is not appropriate, one is not teaching the darkies or goliwogs, or building their railways. It is arrogant. As empires dissolve, rot, decay and corruption set in. The dissolution of empire is National Karma, and it is only just beginning.

The government has made a pig’s ear out of the pandemic. In the past the UK was known for good government, now it is a shambles. It wants to go on its own because it is somehow “better” than Europe. You cannot dine forever on past glories. No industries only services, is not a good business model. I think that the UK has not self-assessed well, it has an opinion inconsistent with reality. It is stuck in a mental time warp.

I could detail the names of people here in an unambiguous way. But what good would that serve?

What is this stuff carried out behind my back, it is not a very adult way of handling a problem, if indeed there is one? But games were always a part of that mind set. Games, power plays, ambition, self-advancement and petty politics, very petty.

What will be left of the UK after the pandemic has swept through, remains to be seen. Personally, despite the hype that normal is coming back, I don’t think it is. Not for a long time. The strain is starting to show, and that strain is a slow burner.

Most odd…

The ground here is water-logged, and we have to keep an eye on the vide sanitaire. We had to pump it out before bed last night and we shall be doing it again. I’ll have to dig a sump and set the pumping up to automatic once the land has dried out. The well in the garden is over-flowing into the pond.

This at least is a measurable objective reality, real life and not opinion.