The Path of Absolute Sonship

At the sixth initiation every Master makes His decision as to which of the Paths of Higher Evolution He will transfer across to. In His extensive works the Tibetan comments that very little is known about this path and that it is a most mystical one. He quotes from the archives, Stanza IV from archive 63 about one of the paths of Higher Evolution. This is one of the paths available.

Path VII The Path of Absolute Sonship

That which hath no beginning and no end; That which is seen and yet remains unknown;  That which we touch and yet find unattained, That is the One Who passeth on His Way.

That which we call the Father and the Son; That which we deem too high for words to grasp; That which the Mother deems her Lord and God, That is the One Who mounts the cosmic stair.

That which is seen when each point of heavenly light sends out its beam upon the midnight blue; That which we hear in every cosmic note and sense beneath the sound of every form, That is the One Who chants the heavenly lay and lends His light to swell the cosmic fire.

That which is known by every Son of God, who masters step by step the Path of Gold; That which is heard by every deva lord who hears the Word go forth as aeons pass away; That which sounds forth the triple cyclic AUM, reserving yet another sound for higher cosmic planes, That is the One unknown, the Unrevealed, the One Who chants a note within the cosmic chord.

That which in every aeon cometh forth and passeth through His cycle upon a cosmic Path; That which in greater kalpas will play a god-like game; That which in all cosmic spheres is called ” the One above the Son of violet hue,” That is the One Who shineth in the galaxy of stars.

Such is the One to Whom the sons of glory give everlasting homage as He passes on His Way. To Him be glory as the Mother, Father, Son, as the One Who has existed in the past, the now and That which is to come.