REF, The Blue Books and a Dream.

Recently I opened an account with the Times Higher Education Supplement. It was perhaps a mistake because it has, via my inbox, reconnected with an ancient world. I now understand that REF 2021 is going ahead.

More than 14 years ago REF had a part to play in my decision to quit. My former employers have had 14 years of salary which might have been mine with which to improve their REF scores. I have saved them around a million, I guess. Back then doing start-ups was considered mildly “dirty” by some. I was in junior management and could see that pressure was mounting to exclude / sack people who were underperforming. Names were bandied about. If not exactly on the list I was very close. I reckoned that given I was newly single and could easily deal with my mortgage; it would be easier for me to go than some of the others under threat. This thought form influenced my decision to go, it was a factor, the knives were out. Colleagues were not generous to other colleagues “all hail the almighty REF”. “We have to score high!”

Anyway, the dream I am referring to happened in January 2007. I had recently moved to a village in Buckinghamshire. I quit my job to go into unemployment. I had no jobs lined up just a few pieces of consultancy work. Going from 50k to nada. It was mighty odd having no diary pressure just vast stretches of nothing. I had a very powerful dream. The gist of which was that I had to find the Great White Lodge. There are two ways of looking at this: an exoteric lodge or an esoteric one. The dream was more like a command. I have been searching my journals for it. I can’t find it because it was a part of my cleansing bonfire I had summer 2007. I burned all my journals, my dream diaries, photos and letters. Catharsis.

I was first introduced to The Blue Books by AB and the Tibetan in the early part of this century. Theun Mares suggested that I read them and Blavatsky. I am / was a researcher, so this was right up my street. Reading them for the first time does something weird to your head, there are complicated, and the Tibetan is comprehensive. Blavatsky blows your mind but is comprehensive in her own less linear, inimitable way. I have read all of The Blue Books at least once and have had an on off relationship with them over the last 20 years. It was in them that I came upon The Great White Lodge on Sirius. There is a part of the Toltec teachings which suggest that we incarnated here from there around 18 million years ago, into a form which is not like any present-day human.

When I research, I am at the thorough end of research and note things others don’t. Needless to say I miss things others do not. The Tibetan suggests that the masters can be “found” on the mental plane and by that I guessed he meant telepathically. Wow! Sounds like an experiment…. There are masters of wisdom, high degree initiates who might be contacted…They have taken the fifth initiation and no longer have a causal vehicle hence there is no compunction for them to be reborn. They are free from the wheel of rebirth. How cool is that? What might it be like to interact? Better get my mental ass high up on the mental plane and see if it is true.

Here was a thought experiment.

Would it be best to approach this with a little more respect?

What would the karmic implications of dissing such a dude be?

I know that I belong to the Elephant Dreaming Class with a causal vehicle hued Love-Wisdom, so I am on the same ray. This might help find my brother…

If these guys are really free, then they will be ultra-fluid and unattached…

I started re-reading all The Blue Books.

Before, I was completely unaware of this side of life.  Aged 36, turn of the century, at a top uni, I thought I was smart. I thought I knew shit loads. Turns out I was wrong. I was unaware of my own ignorance.

Strangely it was a drug dealer on a beach in Negril who popped my bullshit bubble. I was telling him that everything in the world can explained by science. He said, “You don’t really believe that do you man.?.” I never got the chance to thank him.

Dis man a done I an I a maximum fava.

Yup best close that THES account, it is intruding.

Check out The Blue Books they will change your life!!

There are very many people who read them 😉