Bleak Midwinter – Calla Lily

The autumnal chicken said, “I’ll just go and prune the crab apple tree. It won’t take long.” Two and a half hours later and with a half filled trailer the aforementioned chicken is aching all over and having a little “sip” before he has his shower.

At the end of the pond and in the bleak midwinter, our first calla lily has appeared. There is a splash of white on green visible at a seventy metres.  New growth, starting to unfurl. We have nearly completed our first circuit /pass of gardening. We arrived here in the house exactly two years ago today. One broken hip and ten months of pandemic later and we are still here. We haven’t been kicked out back to blighty yet.

January 2019

You can just see the white flower pot in the middle of the “football pitch”, through the vegetation.

January 2021 today

We have done shed loads of gardening. The central section was over grown. Now there are all sorts of thngs sprouting which we never saw before. Someone put a lot of effort into planting. This year we will get more surprises…we have bulbed up and have daffodils outside for Dewi Sant. The little magnolia to the right of centre is getting ready to flower.

Two years, where did they go?