Change “Haiku”

these were written on a day when the first hint, that first faint odour of spring wafted in on the breeze.



pennies in my pocket

remember all the hands

which still rub them


no genie ever granted

three wishes

in the lottery of life


freshly ploughed fields

sound a deep brown bass

while scaring crows


the winter kale

stands defiant green

on a winter’s day


Badger’s copse shivers

the naked trees

wearing ivy necklaces


the holly has lustre

vibrant in the hedgerow.

a robin watches


three wise women

kale, ivy and holly

and one shepherd


soon the change

comes from the East

watery sun, even à Dieu


the length of shadows

turns soon a penny,

few days left now


duvet tight to the chin

a bear in a cave

stretches and yawns


he rolls over

adjusting his pillow

for the alarm sounds not


the salmon of wisdom

will return

to teem in the rivers


the springy moss

adds a jaunt to the toes

and a swagger


even the egg timer

whispers “hurry up”,

enough sand!!


and brown becomes

green and yellow

the ears of wheat listen


for to deeply bathe

in the salutation of the sun,

a familiar friend


he who has been hiking

across the southern skies

for too long


he the prodigal

has been sighted!!

break out a fatted calf