Dharma of the Day #23 {folly}

Learn to laugh,

mostly at yourself.

This makes life

less heavy


Which weighs more

a smile or a frown?

A sparkle in the eyes

is Helium and not Lead!


We all plumb the depths,

why not feather

also the sky

and, with our Joy?


It too needs a tickle

from time to time!!

Find your own champagne bubbles

And rise up in the glass of illusion


Try to effervesce

as often as you can.

What wires bind you

tighter than too many eggs?


Be oft like a cormorant

who both soars and dives.

Enjoy Atlantic spray

fresh on the face.


And when needed

plunge into the depths

thence again to surface

and spread your wings, anew


Be more fluid

than any quicksilver on a

hot summer’s day,

ebb and flow, flow and ebb.


Laughter is not a secret

entombed in a pyramid;

it is the scent of spring

as fresh as a dewdrop


Learn to laugh

and mostly at yourself.

This makes life

less heavy.


Are you a puffin or a cormorant?