Dreamers Miscellany #2

Written after a bracing visit to Nash Point on the  South Wales coast. This was one of the places I used to go to clear my head and be “alone”.


Picking the purple poesy

Of freedom’s flower


And leafing through the letters

Of alphabet soup


Stored in the cellar

On the ageing vine


Awaiting the passage

And the blessing of time


Washing with wipers

That window of mine


 Driving in the rain.


 Sensuous as seas-pray

And salt on my tongue


Relentless and rolling

In Atlantic’s well


Rhythmic as nature’s

Pulse on the shore


As the vivacious waves

They knock on the door


And hover with the Kestrel

On wing and with prayer


Watching the sea

 And it

 Washing me.


Finding the finest,

Horse hair brush


Picking the pigment

Of azure, Royal blue


And blending the blood

Of unicorn’s truth


To caress the fresh canvas

 With the love


It is due


 To flicker as quicker

As the candle flame


With petals of passion

In the evening light


 And the scent

Of a heartbeat


 In sunset’s most

Delicate, finest wine


 Tasting the most precious gift

 A life

 That is