Is Status Important?

I have been pondering on this subject a little of late. The committee post previous, was inspired by the vast number of committees I was on 15 years ago. I was even chair of a couple. In universities status and perceived status are taken seriously. Reputation is mucho importante.

There is a related question, of a more philosophical bent. Is status real, a real measurable phenomenon of the universe? Does status only exist in the minds of currently incarnated humans?

If you put a high status being and a low status being of the same age and physical condition into a jungle at night. Which one would a hungry leopard eat first? Which one would be best suited to survive?

Because my dad made me read “don’t die in the bundu” when I was ten I would probably have a better chance than a UK based city dweller of the same age and physicality, say a former colleague. I have no status here, really. I am retired and a foreigner to boot, one that does not speak much French.

It is really funny in some ways. I have no power by association. I have written to a number of academics about the patent application and a proof-of-concept study, but because my email is a private one, not one single one of them has had the decency to reply. I am nobody, I don’t belong to a fancy institution. I must be a pleb. 15 years ago, they would have gotten back to me because of the address.

Sorry, this is slightly misleading, one did reply an English academic working in a French university. He knew my supervisor, and this was the cause of his reply and he was nice and polite.

When people develop web-based forms there often is an “affiliation” box which needs to be filled in, along with a “position”.  These boxes often do not accept private individual and retired, being a little sarcastic I have tried retarded, that does not work either.

I recently did the Intellectual Property Survey for the EU Quantum Flagship; this allowed a box “other”. It was asking if I was a professional in the field. I clicked other and it said specify, so I said, “eccentric amateur and former start up founder”. It asked had I submitted some IP, I said yes.

It asked about which company I belonged to, because this is EU it actually allowed private individual, after the French particulier. It was not happy with my response to the position box, so if I remember correctly, I fudged that one.

Internet forms assume status and affiliation!

From a Buddhist viewpoint status must be a part of the great illusion, yet they crown and invest Tulkus in some traditions. Human beings have a thing about status. Many like to name drop because that gives them “kudos”.  Which is higher status David Beckham or Boris Johnson? I once had a drink with X, I know Y very well. My parrot is nephew of one that Kanye West owns.

The guy that came to fit the wood burner, was nice enough and he told us how it worked. I told him that I was a pyromaniac {in French} and he did not know quite what to say. I went on to explain that I used to teach chemistry and that like many who do this, fire is a cool thing. Now many people had a hard time with science in school and when you mention things like this it often causes a reaction. You become the torturer.

I have been “told” that this is my very last lifetime here which makes be a non-returner. Does that confer status?

What if I said that I was an initiate, would that confer status?

Why are people so hung up with this status thingy??

I can see that they are, but I don’t get personally why it seems to be such a big deal for some…