Coypu poo

It looks like the Coypu is back.

There is a clear path from the river and into our pond.  There were no poos over the past few days as the pond was deeply frozen, but today there are plenty.

Did an image search on BING using this and it points directly at the Coypu.

I saw it at dawn last summer, on the lawn by the green house. On saturday there was a warm patch in the frost, possibly becuase the pond was frozen it could not get back in its burrow? Could this critter be the cause of our pond leak? Has it made a burrow in the bank?

They are an invasive species here. The Chasse may be allowed to hunt them. Some people eat them. They were imported here for fur.

I’ll check if we are supposed to notify the mayor.

Maybe we should invest in a camera trap. Yesterday I saw the mink (or mink polecat hybrid) on the bridge.