Shaman Dream 14-01-21

Here is the morning’s dream

The wife (Easterly Dreamer) and I are staying at the home of S (Easterly Stalker) we have a separate bedroom which is well decorated, modern and light. The change in decor is marked from what I remember about S’s previous accommodation. We go downstairs into a bright and airy hallway and then out into the streets of London. On our return we meet S in her front room. Again, it is light and airy with lots of pictures and artefacts on the wall.

S greets us. She asks me; “how long is it since you played your shaman’s drum.? How long is it since you did shamanic healing? You should start again. This is what the world needs most now, healing!”

The dream ends and I note its overall easterly feeling.

A part of my predilection is for East and dawn, though technically I am also of the South, the place of dreaming.

Over 20 years ago I attended a course in shamanism with S. I “passed” this course.