What Pandemic

Provided that I don’t turn on this computer or start the satellite box, there are no signs of pandemic here behind our gates. Not strictly true there are the blue masks and the bottles of alcohol-based gel. The birds go to the bird table, the river flows and the post lady puts things in the box. I never spoke to anyone on the ‘phone before the virus and I don’t now.

It is doing some strange stuff to my head and I am pretty good at being anti-social. I don’t need much in the way of company. I do wonder what it must be like for others. We have had the do not resuscitate conversation, just in case. If people have never had asthma the illness must be very scary even when mild. I guess were I in blighty I would be on the shielding list and I could get away with not wearing a mask.

One sign of Brexit here is that lamb is getting a bit more scarce.

The cars go by in the morning on the way to work, at lunchtimes in two directions and at the end of the day. We are in a 6 to 6 curfew. But we never left the compound after 6pm anyway. Before I did my hip, we used to go to Aikido class, but that is off. Difficult to social distance when you are grabbing someone’s wrist, in any case. What pandemic?

Only I do turn on this machine and at least once a week I have a look at the data.

On the news there are people yearning for a return to “normal”. We will be offered the holy jab, the crucifix to the vampire.  The virus could mutate. If this was a movie plot, it would mutate so that the vaccine no longer worked. We could then have an end of world disaster movie. Someone would call Tom Cruise or Will Smith and we would get that happy ending after facing near total extinction.

The days are so samey. One day is pretty much like the other.  Luckily the weather is more variable this year. We do struggle remembering what day it is. It is getting lighter as we head towards spring and today in the middle of January, it feels like spring.

I am not by nature pessimistic, but I do think this yearning for normal is misplaced. The economic implications are mounting and when the days get warmer, civil unrest will increase. Listening to the various sufferers and medics on the TV, does bring the hints of a tear to the eye. I feel sad for them. All that suffering gets the waves of compassion surging and I can feel it in my heart. I am feeling sad now. I have got to get a hold on that empathic sadness. It is not good for me.

All that suffering…it hurts…