We are Detective

Somebody’s watching me
And now I’m nervous, and I shouldn’t be
Somebody’s got their eye on me
Perhaps I should invite him up for tea?

We saw him smoking by the newspaper stand
There’s something odd about his gloved left hand
Saw him again inside the old cafe
He makes us tense; we wish he’d go away

Thompson Twins

As you may have guessed it has been raining here, hence I have been reading and following up a thread. One to do with the shaman dream (healing) and another one to do with the Fourth Ray master Serapis. This fourth ray energy is perhaps active at the moment, Harmony through Conflict. There needs to be healing because disharmony is the cause of all disease. The lodge theme refers back to a dream I had early 2007 when I was “told” that I had to find the Great White Lodge.

If you are interested here are wiki links to Francis Bacon and Roger Bacon. History is always written after the effect and as you can see lots has been written about these dudes. I am not being disrespectful here.

Having waded through all the blue books and done a lot of investigation I have come to the working hypothesis that my personality is seventh ray (Ceremonial Order or Synthesis) and the causal vehicle is of the second ray Love-Wisdom kind. My Monad is first ray, Will to Power. Following the trails as it were, I would most likely be affiliated therefore to the second ray Ashrams in the centre of the diagram previous. The second ray is the teaching ray par excellence.

As you can see if the Tibetan is accurate there is an entire other story aback history.

People can be so utterly convinced that they are in possessions of all the facts, that they know best. Because of this there is plenty they do no see or take into consideration.

Here is a pet theory. There once was a plan for me. It was all nicely set up. I would do the start-up make loads of money and then use that money to build an esoteric school or ashram. That failed because of greed, and interpersonal relationships and so the plan was changed. I have been living in isolated places now for 14 years. In 2018 the same impulse to form a start-up came and I approached various people locally in the UK. Suffice it to say that didn’t work, due to attitude. The guys in Berlin were very keen for me to go there. The people here were nice and helpful, so we came here. And then I went and bust my hip.

Here is a thought experiment.

Imagine if you will that I might be an initiate of high degree.

What would the karmic implications be for individuals who treat me poorly?  

What would the karmic implications be for a nation that did that?

I know that because of the second ray core, that should I attempt healing that the magnetic way is most likely the way of operation. I also know that I have made myself sick in the past doing this. I suck up other people’s negative thoughts and emotions when they are directed at me, a kind of psychic blotting paper. So, I am a bit hesitant about the healing thingy.

From time to time my brothers ask me if I still want to the ashram thing. That ashram will of need be in an area of low population density, the western edges. I looked into buying the lease of somewhere in Snowdonia, but it was too complex. I met a man who sold a chunk of Snowdonia to the National Trust. There is an outside chance he was a relative of mine. We discussed it here.

This morning as I was going to the letter box, I saw a fox on the lawn. It was only fifteen metres away from me. It ran off down to the river. It tried to assess if jumping in was good. The river is high, so no. It then ran around the pond and vanished through a hole in the fence.

I am still not sure what to attempt with the year.

Time to start on that lamb stew with bulgur wheat dumplings….