Poetry Recapitulation

Before I get into this, I want to shout out for the sacred text archive. You can click on this link. It is a wonderful resource. When I worked in pastoral care some of the conversations I had were far ranging and I recommended this to a number of undergraduates who were seeking.” Go the source materials”, I said.

I am getting towards the end of my supply of previously written poems, there are some more “haiku” and some pretty far out ones left. It has been kind of strange revisiting the spaces I was in when I wrote them. I recognise myself as I was but am no longer. There was my “Blake” period when I was right out there, despite the day job. The influence of the various Buddhist things started to come in and then the Arcane School material. I left that behind and went off on my own so to speak taking the meditations off the map. I can see the seventh ray of my personality in the “magic” and the second ray in the love and compassion, also the “wisdom”.

My understanding is that many of the poems refer to me cleansing the emotional or astral plane, so that I could reorient higher.

It has been interesting for me, some of the poems have made my toes curl a little, others I remain pleased with.

It is a beautiful day here so after lunch we will drive up to coast to get some salt.

It is probably time to try to write some more to see what pops out…to take the temperature, so to speak.