Eight Cubic Metres

Our preparations for next winter are getting under way. We have just ordered a shed to dry out the wood.  Next it is buying the chain saw time. So far, by hand saw, we have harvested about eight cubic metres which might be eight metric tonnes or something like that. These need to be cut into ~30cm pieces dried and subsequently split. That will keep me fit and make me bulk up even more than I currently am. We are thinking of staggering the “pruning” so that we work our way round one area of the garden kind of per year. Storms are due and it is possible we will get some tree fall.

We are living on around 2000 euros a month. Which is considerably less than I was earning 15 years ago when I had a salaried job. We need to focus on keeping the recurrent costs down. This figure is enough to meet the minimum income requirement for the Carte de Séjour. As was my hunch we bumped into another British couple at the prefecture having their prints done. Ours are now in the post and we can expect them in 4-6 weeks’ time. This means we be here for five years with no reason to go back to blighty for anything. The couple were living in a similar isolation as us. We spoke some English…

I was pondering on the theme of exchange and how to explain it to someone in France.  Imagine an academic at the École Polytechnique, packing his job in and ending up living in St Asaph in North Wales. This would be a pretty good analogy and the people around here will have heard of St Asaph as it is twinned with the local town.

The home brew wine is starting to mount up in the cellar, there are another 20 litres on the go. The latest attempt is apple and cranberry. I’ll get some mango going next. We will finish pruning the orchard in due course which hopefully means more fruit next autumn.

We haven’t seen so many humans or so many cars in a long time..