Going to Get Fingerprinted

In around two and half hours’ time we will get fingerprinted and have our mug shots taken. This is for our carte de séjour. It is hopefully the last bit of formality in what has been quite a lengthy process.

We are going to the big city and the prefecture. I say big in a tongue in cheek way. Nevertheless, the traffic there is way more intense than the largely open roads around here. We really are becoming bumpkins.

I have never had my fingerprints taken before. This is because I have not been arrested yet despite some of my antics as a student.

We have two contrôle techniques for the cars, the bi-annual French MOT test. So, this week is ultra-busy. Fingers crossed they pass. The right-hand drive Peugeot with 22 plates still turns a few heads.

Then next on the agenda is stripping the kitchen out so that we can have a new one fitted.

It is part of a plan. As time draws on, we will be unable to manage the garden and we will have to down-size. Should be OK for a decade. Up at the coast yesterday and saw that there may even be affordable nanna and grandad houses / flats.

Should be interesting to see how things work out this afternoon.