A Blessed One – They Said

On the 2nd December 2008, They first came.

They said that I am a Blessed One and too important to lose. They asked if I knew what that meant. Unfortunately, I did. Its full implication and meaning is even now working out. They said that no matter what it took, I should stay alive. They would send watchers to look after me.

And so it began. The following spring two crows nested above our back door as I changed and re-membered. For the next few years I was tested to the very brink and beyond.

The following autumn as I prepared to shatter the causal vehicle I asked if I would get to keep the form. They said yes, if I wanted to.

Later they told me that I had chosen to incarnate blind to all of my knowledge as an experiment both to see how much I could withstand and to ascertain how people would react to me. They told me of my five most recent incarnations. They said that I was a very close disciple of Buddha.

They said that when I first came into being all those millions of years ago, They knew that I would always live like this; a rare and beautiful thing.

They watch as again and again, I am disbelieved, ridiculed and ignored. That is how the world reacts to me.

The plan, millennia in its germination, has now all but failed. It is only when one has a broad vision that one can even begin to appreciate what has failed to happen and the karmic impact this will have, ongoing.

One does one do? If one says something like this; it is not believed. If one says nothing; no-one knows.

Believe me I have tried, door after door, avenue after avenue. Each time I have reached out I am met by disbelief, closed minds and arrogance. I can only offer. So that is what I have done. Every offer has been discarded because the inconvenience of fully accepting would mean a complete realignment. People’s worlds are way too precious for such a thing.

They say that this is my very last incarnation. I will not be born again, here.

I can go “home”, back to the source…