Been tidying up over the fence in the “swamp” and up in the orchard pruning.  Trying to use a hand saw fitted to a four-metre pole is pretty tiring. All the muscles in my shoulders are aching and my arms are throbbing. It is kind of nice.

This afternoon I have been reflecting on how clever people can get themselves into “holes” even when they have been warned in advance about them. And then instead of noting they are in a hole; they keep on digging.

“Some things simply are not true, I am so clever, so omniscient. Pooh-pooh.”

There is an outside chance that I may be an incarnation of the dude previous. This has many implications. The most obvious one is don’t be a dick towards me, that is bad karma. Of course, I may also not be an incarnation.

Faites vos jeux, place your bets.

I mentioned previously that I worked in pastoral care. As a part of this some of the students would “try to pull a fast one” others needed help. Now these students were topflight ultra-smart ones. So, I on occasion got involved in some very tortuous scenarios. Luckily, before I got the metaphorical Alzheimer’s, I had a near photographic memory and could recall everything they said. I would make a mental note and when they came to the next meeting with an “improved” story, I reminded them of version 1.0. I would warn them that I would continue to do this. It is quite funny watching someone dig themselves a hole and then carry on digging. They were obviously smarter than me, at least in their minds.

It is wok time tonight. The wok is my oldest possession, bought in Migros in Berne. It is ~ 27 years old!!

Time to get chopping…