Life After Death?

Today I found an article talking about an essay competition to provide a summary / evidence of life after death. The competition is being run by the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies. Bigelow incidentally founded a chair, a professorship, in this at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. “Parapsychology” is often frowned upon at pucker universities, though there is one department in the UK at Edinburgh University.

The competition allows for witness statements.

I am reminded of the first version of the film Flatliners. My feeling is that trying to use physical instrumentation for this is barking up the wrong tree. I once bought a frontal lobe electroencephalograph based on a fast Fourier transform algorithm. This broke the brainwaves down into, alpha, beta, gamma and theta. I looked up the patent for the device, took it apart and had a good look-see. Within the signal to noise range of the machine I can flatline it so there is no detected brain activity. It is frontal lobe only and was not the most sophisticated of devices. I know a few things about instrument design.

Over the years I have tried to get myself involved in various psychology type projects looking at meditation partly because of interest. The response has been mixed, tending towards piss off. For some reason I am either a crackpot or too hard-core physicist. I have had some nice responses from researchers in India.

In effect what I have said in this blog is that I have recall of at least five previous lifetimes. One in ancient Persia, one in India around 2500 years ago {perhaps to a named individual}, one several centuries later probably as an itinerant monk {Japanese}, a French life in the crusades and a one as a Sicilian dandy in the 18th century.

The evidence that I have for this is “perceptual” breakthrough, being drawn to a place and then getting massive déjà vu and dreams.  I also came upon some old French documents in arcane French and was able to read and comprehend. This breakthrough could be real or some kind of hallucination. I believe it to be what is called past life restoration. If someone with my science background is saying this does it make it any more true? It is all subjective.

There are ongoing studies using functional magnetic resonance imaging to map out neural activity during meditation. People want some signal to measure so that they can draw a graph. I don’t know if you have ever had a head and neck MRI. It is not the most relaxing thing. I have had a few, because of a c5, c6, c7 cervical neck injury I picked up at a judo sports dojo. One would have to behighly skilled to change jhana in a tube like those. {I probably can’t have an MRI again because of the steel pin in my hip.}

“All Essay Competition Entrants must first apply to BICS.

Prior to essay submission, each prospective entrant must submit this signed application by email describing their background and qualifications to receive BICS approval to enter the Awards competition (see #2 for more details).

All applicants must sign releases to BICS for any and all media interviews and publicity. By signing this document applicants agree to make themselves available for media (TV, radio, newspaper, social media) interviews if their essay is declared a winner or a notable runner up.

Only those entrants with approval from BICS will be eligible to enter the Essay Competition.”

I am wondering do I try to open Pandora’s Box, or will I just get another knockback?