Strange Old Week

It has been a strange old week. Every night bar one this week I have had vivid dreams. I wrote up the guru deva one as it seemed significant. Aside from that the dreams have had people from my past. In one, one of them was trying distinctly to avoid me, she was trying to avoid even acknowledging my existence. Others have had old colleagues in them. This usually means that there is some connectivity in the web of life, something is going down.

The subjective breakthrough from “impox” continues. So, either I have lost all my marbles, or something remains afoot. What that might be I have no idea. I wish they would get on with it. It is getting boring.

The cars passed their MOTs with only minor adjustments needed; on average we have been doing 4.5 thousand kilometres a year these last two years in the Clio. The nanna at the test centre was a little freaked by the right-hand drive Peugeot.

But here is the really weird thing, two deliveries arrived way ahead of schedule.

The next DIY target is the kitchen. In principle we are having one fitted end of Feb. We need to find out what nightmare may or may not live behind the “stylish” tiling. The electrician’s face when he saw the wiring was a picture. He has yet to find out the whole system is floating at 30-40V above ground. I never touch anything like that here with out my voltmeter investigating first. I have bit of soldering to do to fix the Li battery charger in our decorating light.

Oh yeah, the “teenager” automatic gate continues to be a bit sulky and unreliable. It has started blowing fuses so there is a short somewhere in the wiring. It was done by John Wayne or in other words a cowboy. There are more than a few anomalies. Luckily in the past I have wired in high voltage power supplies. Need a warm dry day before I get my hands in that conduit.

I am back to this notion of reliable witness or reliable narrator. What makes a reliable witness is it title, status and qualifications? Is it about position in life? If a “president” says something is true is that more or less reliable? If someone is a bullshitter and charming do you believe them?

Am I a reliable narrator? There is no real way to tell unless you spend a lot of quality time in my presence and even then, I would have to decide to let you in, so to speak.

Bit of an odd week should be quieter next week. I won’t have to speak with so many people.