Devenir Un Taupier

If you would have told me that I would be out in the garden digging holes in soaking wet earth and setting mole traps I would never have believed you. But that is exactly what I did the other day. That little blighter is back, and he is taking the piss just outside my office window.

The traps are hair trigger and it is a bit nerve wracking setting them up. They could probably damage a finger quite badly. There are now six holes and eleven traps. So now we wait, if there is no more mole sign by Wednesday I’ll go out there and retrieve the traps hopefully with a mole in one of them.

If that does not work it might be over to the chemistry and I will become the toxic avenger.

The real Taupier cost 150 Euros a pop. Maybe I should ask for an apprenticeship…

If you would have told me that I would get visuals of JE talking to AdM in Zurich today, I would not have believed you.…

I am getting a lot of other visual connections right now as I speak JH, DP BJ and RT DK and DK’s wife who I have never met.

Bizarre city Côtes d’Armor….