Groundhog Sameness

Again again again again again again again again
Why don’t you do it, why don’t you do it again?
Again again again again again again again again
Why don’t you do it, why don’t you do it again?

Status Quo

It looks like we are heading into the third confinement here. I still have a pile of unused attestations on the table just behind me. The wife was watching the news this morning, I asked her, “anything interesting?” She replied,” no just Covid stuff as usual.” I wonder in how many households across the world something similar plays out.

It is boring. Why are people so het up about who is doing the best job with the vaccine? It is not a contest. The UK has taken the risky decision to give everybody the first jab and then wait 12 weeks for the next. So, wider coverage is better than efficacy? Bizarre. It is not a PR campaign. This is barking.

People try the same thing over and over. If it does not work, they still try it.

 “Spin me right round baby like a record baby right round”

I think I am noting an increase in the mention of “mental health” in the news. People must be losing the plot, there is only so much groundhog one can eat. If you are reading this, I hope you are coping OK.

People on the telly are avoiding the elephant in the room, the economy. Everyone is trying to big things up and be positive, to spin stuff. It will get better, there will be recovery. I know people need hope but for some their livelihood is gone. On the odd occasion we go into town, I count the number of newly closed businesses. There are not many yet, but the number is going up. This is not a rich place. Up on the coast tourism is a big thing, they had a bit of a summer so a few euros. It is a catch 22 encourage the city dwellers to spend and catch the virus off them. Eat or cough.

For us, one day is very much like the next. A permutation of click and collect, DIY, gardening, cooking, blogging and the occasional walk. It is weather dependent. Sometimes we have a sing along to music on You Tube. Luckily, we have space, lots of it. I sometimes wonder how those living in small apartment are coping. Some must be climbing the walls.

This is a fucking marathon, man.

You can suggest to people that “making plans for Nigel” is not a good thing. That in many ways it is coercive and bullying. It does not stop them scheming. You can suggest that talking about someone behind their back is unpleasant. I don’t know for real what is going on back in blighty. Perhaps it is all in my imagination, perhaps not. I wish they would stop. Groundhog sameness.

We are having millions of painful disincarnations. By all accounts it is not a good way to go. I have had a number of operations and so I know what the throat feels like after intubation. I know how disorienting it is coming to in recovery. I know what weight loss due to inactivity feels like. I never had a bony arse until I broke my hip. Bizarre that something like a park bench can be so hard.

What if anything is humanity learning from this pandemic?

You can’t have life on your own terms. A sub-micron piece of RNA in a lipid bilayer bag can devastate all your cunning plans. It can turn your entire world upside down.

Lock down, reduce infection number, release restrictions, infection number increase, lock down, repeat. Groundhog sameness.

Reduce vaccine efficacy so we can brag about the number of jabs compared to the EU. My, aren’t we clever, better than those oiks over the channel. Groundhog sameness. What knobheads, what wankers. My cock is bigger than yours. What a bunch of schoolboys. Don’t they know there is a pandemic going on?

There are bits of rant in here. Which feels good to get off my chest.

Everyone is commenting on the lack of clarity coming out of #10 and the wing it at last minute approach. There is a little joke we have. In my courses I nearly always had a slide “P is for planning” present participle. When we hear someone complaining about lack of clarity in the news, we turn to each other. “P is for planning”.

I don’t know how come the UK got so badly infected with bullshitting. During my lifetime I have seen this percolate and spread. It used to be understated now it is the opposite. Big stuff up beyond reality. There is another pandemic the BS one.

Hmnn that is better.

I’ll take a stroll around the pond now the rain has stopped.