The Blame Game

Different countries are reporting the pandemic according to their propensity for drama and sensationalism.  The Frankfurter Allgemeine has “Europa im Griff der Mutanten” and many others are talking about the British Mutant.

It is funny 50% more infectious means that it is 1.5 to 1 which does not sound anywhere near as bad. There are squabbles breaking out about virus supply and I have seen one article in the French press asking if the pharma companies are liable in case of unwanted side effects. Interesting question. Trump was all for the China virus as a slight of hand to distract and point the finger. Now we have the South Africa mutant, the Brazil Mutant and the British Mutant. It was actually prevalent most in London and the South East. So, to be technically correct it is the English Mutant. Do you see how ridiculous this could get? I saw an Israeli prof being interviewed and she said that they are following the evolution of the mutation very carefully and I bet thoroughly. No doubt new strains will pop up.

Never before in human history have so many PCR reactors run 24/7.

I bet many are close to the edge and it won’t take much to light the blue touch paper so to speak. Tempers may fray.

Here in Cotes d’Armor we are down to 5.4 hospitalisations per 100,000 which is 33 people in hospital with one in ICU. In the French data they have a 90 plus age grouping which speaks well of the life expectancy here.

That Brexit should happen simultaneous with a British Mutant is a tad ironic.

People like the blame game they point fingers to distract. The trouble is this, under the current mood, could inflame. The tinder is dry. It is always easier to try to find some kind of scapegoat. An angry mob can turn very swiftly.

I hope this kind of thing does not continue…