A Visitation?

In the early hours of this morning, I had an experience which was a bit like a dream but not a dream.

It is to an extent continuing now. There is a presence.

A came to visit, I have spoken to her once in 12 years and that was when she rang me out of the blue to say that someone else, J, had died.

The sense is that A has passed away and fairly recently so. She has come visit to apologise for the part she played in some kind of pact over a decade ago. She has brought J with her though he is much fainter having passed longer.

Through her I can see a meeting in which she and J are sat with two other people I know / knew. In that meeting shenanigans are afoot.

This is not the first time I have had “visits” like this.

My grandfather came to check out how I was doing, no sense of guilt in him only curiosity.

Theoretically it is not the reincarnating Ego or Soul that visits, it is the remnants of one of the lower vehicles still tenuously connected to the Soul and imbued by it. The more form obsessed a being is the longer it lingers in the in between.

At death we cut the crap and see all our BS and wrongdoings for what they are so that we can “plan” our next birth. The Soul wants to work off karma even if the personality does not.

I’ll look out for an obituary to see if this experience has any reality to it.

Hmm  weird start to the day.