Dream 14-2-12

I arrive early one morning at Brixton tube station in South London. The entrance is blocked up and there is a builder’s scaffold in the way. There is no-one around. I start to climb the scaffolding and it turns into a ladder of sorts. I start to climb the “ladder”. The route is narrow and confining. The “ladder” keeps on going up. Others start to follow me. The ladder leads to a small corridor. There is a sensation that this corridor will lead to another “ladder” going down. The workers there are laying a bright blue carpet, oblivious to the people wanting to cross and get to the ticket hall. I hear an announcement;

“Will Alan please come to the main ticket hall, there is a message there waiting for him…”

I make my way to the main ticket hall and go to my locker, it is #18. Inside my locker is a black snooker / pool ball with 18 in a white circle on it. I open the ball into two halves. Inside there is a message which now scrolls across consciousness;

“The extremely difficult we do tomorrow, the utterly impossible will take a little longer. Take courage for you do have the courage to do this…”

Having now found the way through the scaffolding the commuters start to file into the train station.

This is possibly realted to my Triskelion dream.