Otz Chiim and Dreaming

I mentioned earlier in the blog that I did Toltec dreaming practice ultra-assiduously for nearly eight years and the reincarnating jiva was for me second ray. In that scheme of knowledge, I am of the elephant dreaming class, no surprise that I am keen on Ganesh then.

In these diagrams below excerpted form “The Cry of the Eagle” by Theun Mares, the Toltec view of manifestation and both inner and outer “cosmology” is presented along side the Kabbalistic Otz Chiim. They map one onto another as you can see. We are “in” Malkuth, the dense physical world. The Toltec scheme has nagal, dreamer and dreamed which roughly maps onto monad, soul or reincarnating jiva and personality. Note I said roughly.

The idea of the dreaming practice is to allow the dreamer to guide the dreamed on the physical plane in order to execute the fate that it had planned when it decided to reincarnate. The decision is in general not the dreamer’s rather the dreamer is impelled to incarnate because the wheel of life has turned and “off you go matey, back onto the physical plane”. These guidance dreams equate with the dramatizations of the soul in the extract from the Tibetan previous. Not all dreams are guidance dreams but when you do get a “whopper” you darned well know it.

The dreaming practise works in the opposite sense to the construction of the Antahkarana. This builds the “rainbow bridge” upwards in a step-by-step manner. The Toltec dreaming practise calls down the lightning if I may use such a strange phrase. It makes one receptive, open and willing to benefit from what I call soular guidance or soular intuition. The technique works along the central pillar of Otz Chiim and is literally invoked by intent for soul contact. The dreamer and the dreamed at-one.

If you look at Otz Chiim at Daath there is a horizontal “abyss” across the chart sometimes called the subjective abyss which separates the dreamer from God immanent or the expression of the Nagal {spirit}. In the Toltec scheme, the dreamer, technically defined, includes Daath, the Nagal’s Purpose. That is pretty high up the tree so to speak. If I have this right the Yellow Rose, which one visualizes, is situated at the dotted line where the word is in the act of becoming manifest, now maybe you see why I phrase it call down the lightning.

One could say construction of the Antahkara is building Jacob’s ladder and the dreaming practice is like falling downstairs or being pushed.

There is another class of dreams which I call prescient dreams. In these the dramatization comes true subsequently. These can be a tad freaky because the gap between the dream world and normal daily life blurs. There is one other thing that I have noted. One’s natural predilection changes the nature of dreaming, say if you are of an easterly persuasion your dreams are different from those of a westerly persuasion. The East seems more likely to have clear prescience dreams (based on a limited data set).

There is much historical and religious precedent for the role of dreams in the life of humanity. Many religions have dreams as a core theme for turning points. Visions can be said to be waking dreams. Visions can sway history!! Visions are very important for religion. Dreams are not always about your anus and Freudian stuff; they can be a whole lot more.

Even science has had advances thanks to dreams!!