Flex – Reflex

Sometimes it is better to pause and think before we speak.


Taking the dazzling blade,

Folded a thousand

Careful times

And warmed in Nagoya’s

Fiery forge


Caressing with Indigo’s

Softest shining silk

And placed in the

Intricate, excellent



Feeling the angry

Reflection in the mirror

Drawing and cutting

The head

To the floor


Taking the reputation

Of fame’s

Highest mount

Garnered in a

Lifetime’s work


Remembering the toes

Already stood upon

And placed in the

Dusty, darkened



Seeing the actions

That are my own

Speaking and scything

The spirit

To its core


Taking the dazzling letters

Spoken a thousand

Careless times

And formed in the self righteous

Forgetful forge


Pulling them back across

The fountain

Finger tips

To mark the ridges

In my blood


To stay the wayward

Windward tongue

And place them in the

Intricate, excellent