Mitsubishi Colt Dream 29-01-21

Here is this morning’s dream.

I am walking around a capital city in Europe. I know the country to be Hungary so this must be Budapest. The architecture is grand and the streets almost empty. On the edge of a square near a crossroads with major roads, I see four young women with suitcases and backpacks. They are looking intently at a map. I go over and offer to help in English. They speak perfect English. I look at the map and they are trying to go to a town in Derbyshire not far from where I used to live, New Mills. I say that I will giver them all a lift if they can help me find where I parked my car.

The car concerned is a Mitsubishi Colt Celeste and it is parked in a multi-story car park. {I had this car nearly 30 years ago when I lived in New Mills}. One of the young women offers to help me navigate the streets of the capital towards the institute and its car park. We set off and find the institute. I cannot remember on which floor I parked the car nor which entrance is the correct one. We go into the institute and past reception. One of my former colleagues is there. He looks at me as if he knows me and is trying to figure out from where. We enter the car park and search for the car. We cannot find it. So, we back track past my former colleague to try another entrance. As we do this, I approach him and say, “you are trying to figure out who I am. I can remember your name, but you can’t remember me. Here is a hint we used to smoke outside at the same time, often.” This helps him to understand a little, but he remains confused and surprised at seeing me.

The woman and I carry on looking. We find my car and in the glove box is a ticket to get out of the car park. I wonder how much it is going to cost the car has been there a very long time.

In the dream I wonder why I am being pointed at a car {state of awareness} which is nearly thirty years old.

Dream ends.