What Lies Ahead?

This from Les Echos

« Covid : le contrat de l’UE avec AstraZeneca a des clauses contraignantes, pour von der Leyen

L’Union européenne et le laboratoire anglo-britannique sont à couteaux tirés depuis que celui-ci a annoncé un retard dans ses livraisons de vaccins à l’Union. La présidente de la Commission européenne demande à ce que le laboratoire donne une explication plausible. »

I expect that there will be more squabbling about vaccine supply.

It looks almost inevitable that we will be going back into confinement. The 6-6 curfew has helped but the daily infection number is creeping up again. It is nice to drive through the village and watch the children playing in the yard of the primary school. The staff masked the children not.

That confinement will be at least a month, maybe more.

At last, we are not hearing about Mr Trump only a daily basis…

Humanity has never before been so inundated with graphs and numbers on a daily basis.  When there is day to day variation, if Friday’s number is lower than Thursday’s it does not mean that there is a drop.

Some of the language is bizarre. People saying that the virus is cunning, is clever. It is just being natural.

In the English press they keep harping on about there being light and the end of the tunnel. Let’s hope that it is not a TGV!! It is repetitious and boring.

People say we are going to fight back against the virus. WTF? The virus is not fighting…

All the public (expensive private) school jolly hockey sticks type metaphors and phrases are haemorrhaging out of the tory politicians. Most people did not go to schools like that, never had a matron and did not do prep after supper.

We will kill the virus…the virus is not technically living.

How come we have got vaccination and immunisation described as a jab?

“Better go down to the quack old boy and get one of those new-fangled jabs…”

Is Enid Blyton writing the script? FFS.

It is all rather strange.

There are two decisions pending.

  • Do I pay the fee to get my patent application examined?


  • Do we go for a petrol or battery driven chain saw.? Stihl make a nice range of tools with interchangeable batteries, but they are a tad expensive.

Here the birdsong is starting to ramp up as we are getting more visitors. In a month or so it will be sufficiently loud to wake us in the mornings.  The ducks are back, which means the moorhen will make an appearance soon. The wagtails are back strutting as is their want. More birdsong is arriving.

The bulbs have started poking their head above the duvets. Fingers crossed the blue belles will flourish and we shall have quite a display.

I am due another colonoscopy June / July.

Maybe get the pin removed from my femoral neck?

And I suspect in the fullness of time, because of my underlying health condition, to be offered a vaccine.

Soon the grass will need cutting, things here are starting to bud ready for that surge. After the pralaya, growth…