1.5 billion

1.5 billion


Are the beats of my life

more than 17

thousand days

and now


each sand grain second

in the egg timer

is longer

longer than ever before


each shard of  desert time


and the hundreds and thousands

which I shared


are sprinkled fairies

on the ice’d cake

the wrinkled rink

of skating circles


the rub of blades

pirouettes and curtsies

as the waxed popcorn cups

leave the frozen stage


a decade since it happened

and now it happens again

790 and 510

days now roughly counted


the spreadsheet of a life

made to excel

has come roundabout again

mores blues than swing


each rhapsody 

is clarinet clear

and has all the silver keys

pressed and shiny


and now the penumbra

of the passing

flows on under

the bridge of sighs


that price of will

and of injured pride

tags not humility

and brings again divide


its longevity is marked

upon near half

of all those seconds

exact in the price


And it is a crying, crying shame.