Return of the Toads!

Now there are ten, yesterday there were four. Three “couples” are already on the job, so to speak. The toads are returning for their annual shag fest in our pond.

Two autumns ago, the compound was overrun with baby toads. Not last year. This is because the otters were here last winter, during the toad orgy. Each morning we would find inside out toad skin floating in the pond. Toad skin is poisonous, and the otters had figured this out. They quite literally eviscerated the toads. There were more than twenty corpses, at least. We had fewer tadpoles and less autumn toads.

There were a couple of dead toads up on the road. They had undergone the car assisted 3d to 2d phase transition. So, the toads are on the move.

Is the return of the toads a harbinger or a herald for the return of the otters?

…I’ll have to put the telephoto lens on the camera and start getting up before dawn again.

One of the weird effects of quitting smoking is I now sleep like a teenager, turning into a bed ridden hippie. Even my hair is growing longer.

I’ll do another survey tomorrow..