167,000 words

There are now ~167,000 words on this blog with some 489 posts.

So I thought it was wise to add a search function. Please feel free to use it should you wish.

My various slide packs have had between 5 and 10 downloads.

On the whole the blog is getting a month on month increase in views, thank you!!

That is a lot of words and the slide packs represent a whole lot of work.

In all of my previous blogs I have experienced an impermanence moment, an urge to do the sand mandala thing.  I am not getting that yet.

Why did my blood run cold when I saw this in the Independent?

“Hancock predicts ‘happy and free’ Great British summer despite 2022 social distancing warning.”

Please…do not taunt karma.

Anway, thanks to everybody who drops by and clicks like, when you do.

It makes me smile, behind my mask of course.

I hope you are all doing OK in these crazy times…

bonne soirée !