Thanks to Arsine, Phosphine and Hydrogen

“Exposure to arsine concentrations of 250 ppm is rapidly fatal: concentrations of 25–30 ppm are fatal for 30 min exposure, and concentrations of 10 ppm can be fatal at longer exposure times. Symptoms of poisoning appear after exposure to concentrations of 0.5 ppm. There is little information on the chronic toxicity of arsine, although it is reasonable to assume that, in common with other arsenic compounds, a long-term exposure could lead to arsenicosis.”

Over the last few days, we have been preparing the kitchen for the electrician and the plumber. This has meant removing tiles and the once “fashionable” kitchen units. There have been a few horrors behind the cupboards but no secret passageways or human remains {yet}. There were plenty of dead flies partially congealed in cooking oil. The electrics are suspect, highly.

About thirty years ago as a young postdoc. my colleagues and I installed a semiconductor growth facility in central Manchester. We had no ISO certification, yet we plumbed in gas lines of arsine, phosphine and hydrogen. The health and safety geezers of today would have shit multiple bricks if they knew. Times were different then and the prospect of a major toxic gas leak near Piccadilly Station wasn’t heavily considered. Though MI5 did check on that Iraqi student.

Thanks to the experience of that installation, I am reasonably confident with methane and propane. I can also do plumbing, to an extent. Having a gammy leg makes getting up and down difficult. But now that old kitchen is in the trailer ready to go to the tip. I am knackered with a capital K. I just need one fitting to cap off the propane gas line and we should be good to go for the kitchen installation. I have already converted the wife into being an adherent of cable ties.

It is interesting to see how slap-dash others have been, putting tile adhesive over wallpaper.  We have got time to make the walls a smooth as a smooth thing on a Nivea day. We are spending a lot on the kitchen, makes sense to do a good job.

We have decamped upstairs. For a while the house was run as two apartments, so there is a quasi-useable kitchen upstairs. Getting the electric cooker up the hill with my gammy leg was harsh. The wiring in that kitchen is Doc Emmett Brown crazy, we could be entering a time warp, soon. Luckily there is a useable socket outside the kitchen.

So, if I don’t blog for a while, I have gone back to the sixties to stop my parents meeting so that I was never born. 😉

Some people might even like that.

Nos da.