Strange Calm

Here pervades in Autumn sun

dressed in filigree bird song

and the haze of meadowsweet,

a light serene in the fields


A strange calm


The faint buzz of chainsaws

prepares logs for winter hearths

and I remember when they called

called at dinner time


A strange calm


Hints perhaps at journeys new

the shiver in my belly

has now passed with the letters

eased out my fingers


A strange calm


Waits here and around the corner

in a far off land

should eyes but see and hear,

fate will take another bow


A strange calm


A most peculiar life to date

and as sure as sixpence

this is so very true.

What does that fletcher have in store?


A strange calm


As the arrows are prepared,

points are sharpened

and they are feathered for flight

then put in quivers to be cosy


A strange calm


Soon the sun will kiss the sky

all perfect pink and rosy

and when the stars have gone abed

the morning star will usher

a new day


and it will not find me

where this one left me


A strange calm