Pandemic – A time for reflection and change?

I have just been out for a wander around the pond, down by Le Jaudy. I have been wondering how come people from my deep past keep appearing at the edge of my consciousness and on occasion in my dreams. If people appear in your dreams it can mean that there is a need to recapitulate your relationship with them. I have on occasion looked these people up, found an email address and contacted them, on the off chance that they were experiencing similar phenomena. So far very few have gotten back.

You never know why you have called forth another being into your life until hindsight tells you, should you be bothered to look. I am reasonably convinced that most people I have met have had little or no inkling of what I am about nor why I incarnated again.

The world is changing, this from the Times Higher:

“Today there are warnings that Australian higher education is in “deep trouble” over plummeting numbers of international students that may never recover to pre-pandemic levels. Plus, new figures in the UK on the changing age profile of the professoriate raises questions about opportunities for younger scholars.”

In some ways the world is shrinking, and we are now realising that it is One World, One Life. What happens in South Africa, Brazil and the UK echoes, ripples out across all the other continents. We might think that we can live in our bubbles, safe and secure. But that too has a cost. The interconnectedness is very strong. If we covet all the vaccine, then others go without and the virus longevity globally is enhanced.

People miss things, opportunities and possibilities. As a species we have a possibility to change now but what are we doing? We are wanting to get back to how things were before the pesky virus changed our existence. This is a bit recidivist. Could it be that the planet, Gaia, for want of a better name, has sent us this virus of our own making, as a clarion call for change?

Unless we stop being so selfish and materialistic, buggering up the climate, we may get more of the same. We don’t like the medicine, yet we persist, in being so very materialistic. We do not need to go to the Maldives on holiday. We covet so many things that are not necessary, they are an added luxury.

We may have time on our hands, which we could use for reflection. To try to figure out what has purpose and meaning in our lives. Or we could complain, gripe and moan about how unfair lock down is. We can’t play with our friends or go out on the lash with our pals. And we have to spend time with our children, teach them, instead of packing them off to class.

I suspect that some people are getting a whole bunch of positive out of this pandemic thingy, others not.

Here is a good question:

What is the pandemic teaching ME about the meaning and the purpose of life?