A Form of Prejudice?

If I as a practising Buddhist believe that reputation and opinion are not real is it possible for me to interact with people who insist that they are real and important things?

Would they be prejudiced against my beliefs and insist on their imagined “reality” as being meaningful and the only one?

Is it a matter of faith on their part, that reputation and opinion are important?

Who is being superstitious?

Who is being logical?

How important is reputation when you are in your box and on the way to the crematorium?

Do your opinions travel with you into the afterlife?

Does the SARS-CoV-2 virus give a shit about reputation and opinion?

How accurate is opinion?

Do opinions differ?

Is opinion a fixed thing or is it time varying?

Does opinion vary according to the audience with which you are sharing it?

Would you share the same opinions with a WOKE audience as with a neo-nazi one?

Do I share my opinions of others without considering the consequences?

Say you believed in God would you try to convince others of your conviction?

About what are you evangelical?

Is reductionist quasi-moral moderated materialistic hedonism the only sane use of the single life you are granted before you succumb to the laws of entropy?

If I don’t kow-tow and worship your reputation am I being disrespectful?

Who is higher status an initiate or a professor?

Which one cares about status?

Which one believes in status?

Is status simply a construct only found in the impermanent and temporary minds of mankind?

Are you possessed by your possessions?

Or do you possess them?

How attached are you to stuff?

If you are intubated and, on a ventilator, is your stuff important?

What about your status, reputation and opinion?

Does the ventilator care?